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Many boaters find that coiling, tying and hanging the bow line on the bow rail is an easy way to store their bow lines while they are out for a short cruise. It is handy when they come back into the dock.

They make a large coil of the excess rope, then lay half of the coil over the rail, reach through the near half of the coil and grab the other half of the coil pulling it through the near half. Then they pull tight to secure it to the rail. (See picture)

We have seen this many times as you probably have as well. Our question is “What do you call this knot

We mentioned this knot as one of the options for storing lines in “Dock Lines – What do you do with them when you leave the dock” article? We have been searching books, the internet, asking boaters and still haven’t found anyone who knows the name of this knot.

boy-cutting-grassWhen I was a kid growing up at the family marina in Keswick, Ontario, I was assigned the job of cutting the grass—not just a small patch of grass, but two acres of grass with a gasoline push mower.

My old lawn mower’s starter rope and recoil assembly had failed to work for several years, so I went “Fred Flintstone” style and started it with a loose rip cord. Once I got it running, I tied the line to the handle with this same style of knot. I looped the middle of the line over the handle then pulled the two ends through the loop to store it until I needed to start the mower again. I called it simply the “Lawn Mower Hitch”.

What do you call it?

What do you call this hitch, that boaters use to store the bow line on the bow rail? Please add your comments below. We’d love to hear.

Doug Dawson

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