Fall Boating

coloured-leaves-shoreIt is sad to have to say this, but the reality is, winter is just around the corner. Many boaters in the Northern Hemisphere, have already hauled and stored their boats for the winter. Others, like us, are taking advantage of all the great days left for boating this year.

Sure, it is a little cooler and the days are much shorter, but squeezing in some extra boating time lets us enjoy the best of the fall days on the water, instead of in the back yard.

Vivid fall colours dress trees along the shoreline, while smoke circles above the cottages and homes as they once again make use of their fireplaces.

The air is crisp, the water a deep clean blue and only a few boats are visible in the distance.

Here are a few tips to squeeze in some extra boating time this fall.

 Get out and enjoy while you still can.

  • Take extra clothes to cover the extremes in temperatures during the fall days.
  • Get your crew up early, because the sun goes down earlier making dark cold evenings.
  • travel-mugPack warm drinks as opposed to a drink with ice. A thermos of coffee or travel mug will be greatly appreciated instead of a cold drink on some of those cooler days.
  • For boaters who are hauling early check out our WinterEYES article and Pre-Haul Out Preparation article.
  • With the cooler temperatures, you may be boating with more canvas on, than you normally run with in the summer, so beware of the CO levels throughout your boat.
  • For newer boaters with fall haul out approaching, if you’ve never ramped your boat and loaded it on your trailer, you may want to invest in our Ramping e-Lesson.
  • To enjoy evening and overnights aboard your boat, a small electric heater makes all the difference. It heats a small space in no time.

Why not get a little extra boating in before the weatherman forces you give in and have your boat hauled and stored for winter?

Prolong the enevitable as long as you can.

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