Something old is “NEW” again!

dawsons mobileEverything is changing—some things more rapidly than others, like websites.

Many aren’t able to respond to new improvements and requirements to operate smoothly and efficiently on the internet.

As a result, it is more and more difficult to see and use webpages on smartphones, tablets, notebooks and other platforms.

The pages just don’t fit, don’t flow, freeze, and are so frustrating. 

What’s the fix?

Way back in 2004, was a “NEW” website. Since then it has been helping thousands of boaters in almost every country in the world enjoy boating more.

Over the last 11 years, our site had undergone improvements and upgrades, but was still showing signs of aging requiring a much bigger solution. Websites have so many moving parts behind the scenes that can only be accommodated for so long before they just won’t work anymore, requiring a major rebuild to keep up with technology.

tabletSo, we invested in a major rebuild to make “NEW” again in 2015 using the latest and greatest technology to deliver a new, improved, “responsive” website for you.

We’ve kept all the great content, articles, tips, memories, books, lessons and products as well as the same clean and uncluttered format, but everything you can’t see is new and improved.

Now, it doesn’t matter what laptop, notebook, phone, tablet, computer or other platform you are using, will automatically adjust.

  •  You can view all our pages easily and quickly (they don’t overflow the screen) to find the lessons and information you are looking for, on your tablet (picture above) on your smart phone (below right), computer or any other platform. On the smaller screens that aren’t wide enough for the menu bar, just click on the 3 bars on the yellow menu bar, to turn the vertical menu on and off.
  • phoneYou can now register once so that each time you come back, you won’t have to re-enter your contact information–makes ordering easier.
  • Proceed through our new shopping cart and payment process easier.
  • Emailing payment is a new payment option for those who do online banking. You can still pay though our Online Merchant Paypal using your account OR credit card. You don’t need a Paypal account to use your credit card.
  • Search feature allows you to find articles easier.
  • Everything is grouped under the titles in the main menu bar.
  • Docking”– docking lessons, articles and aids
  • Products”—Recommended Nautical Products
  • Books”—Books (both electronic and printed).
  • eLessons”—eLessons to help you enjoy boating more.
  • Articles”—Boating Articles, Adventures and Tips.
  • Old Boat Brochures” – list of old boat brochures. Order on line.
  • FREE”— FREE articles/reports downloads.
  • Store”—list of all our books, elessons and products for sale.

Browse our “New” Rebuilt Website &

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dawsons mobile

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