The Last 50 Feet—SCARY!

dan heather aWe love to hear your docking stories about how our docking lessons have improved your docking skills, built your confidence and given many of you a reason to stay in boating.

The last 50 feet back to the dock is the scariest part of boating.

Those 50 feet frustrate and embarrass so many boaters. This is the reason, we have written detailed instructions to help boaters master the techniques that replace the fear of docking, with confidence without the need for yelling, swearing, jumping, boat hooks, bionics, dock helpers, guesswork or embarrassment.

Dan sent in his docking story and we thank him for giving us permission to share it.

Danny and Heather, have a 34’ SeaRay Sundancer. Their dockings were less than ideal—yelling and stress were always part of the docking procedure.

Danny found our lessons and bought the Twin inboard lesson and decided to try Doug’s techniques. He sent us the following email:

Danny’s Story

Thank you so much. We are in the dead of winter and now more than before I can’t wait for spring to get here, so we can get started with the stern tying method, when docking. I can tell already that my stress level has dropped dramatically and we have not even tried it yet. Thanks again.

Another email followed to continue his story:

ok Mrs. Brenda, I was able to download it and just watched the Docking Video. Although I am at the comfort of my desk, I already learned something which I can’t wait to try with my wife. Docking tying from the stern first.

This past summer was our first season of boating and I think we did pretty well together minus a few curse words, but we always managed to dock. I have a 34′ Sea Ray Sundancer and we always managed to do the opposite of what is on the video docking and tying up from the bow which always seem so difficult out of fear that she could fall.

I am sure that your method will greatly improve our docking and my words as well.

Then a third email followed:

340 SundancerSo during the winter months, I purchased your docking lesson with the intentions of being that guy who did not stress or yell during docking. I watched Doug’s video various times until it became somewhat muscle memory.

Come spring, I told my wife, “We are going to try this scream free docking technique” and she laughed at me. I explained her roll while docking and took off.

We went to a crowded waterfront restaurant I knew docking could be difficult for lunch. She was readying herself for the order barking and yelling that normally goes with docking the boat under similar circumstances.

We replicated Doug’s techniques as we had talked about and we docked like pros. The dock hand asked if we needed help and I shooed him off with a quick, “we got this!” We docked our Sea Ray 340 SD between two other boats without a hint of difficulty. I couldn’t believe it! Your technique worked like a charm.

Now I can see the error of my previous ways with everyone else’s attempts at docking. I promised my wife a scream free season and so far I’ve kept my promise.

Thank you. The best $ ever spent!

But, that wasn’t the end of Danny’s story:

Yes I started with a 34 footer and have the docking down pat this year thanks to your instruction. Piece of cake. Who knows maybe a 44 foot is in order.

By the way this works for the novice person on the boat. I just tried it with one of my workers who I took out and I explained to him what I needed him to do as we approached the dock, he did his part, I did mine and the boat did the rest. So yes! It works.

Danny S. Baltimore, Maryland

When I sent this article to Danny for his approval he said:

Publish it! We have had a scream, cursing and stress free boating season. Nowadays, my favorite part of boating is docking… Specially when we are being watched!!!

Thanks Danny,

You and thousands of other boaters have mastered our proven techniques with great results.

When you take the stress out of docking,
boating is a lot more fun.
The whole family keeps coming back to enjoy boating.

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