YUK! This Washroom is Disgusting

washroomYou never know what to expect. Sometimes, you’d rather not shower because the washrooms are so disgusting.

Usually there aren’t enough hooks to hang up your clothes and towel. There isn’t always a stool to place your overnight kit with your soap, shampoo etc. I’ve even gotten into the shower to find the shower head doesn’t work or there’s no water pressure. The floor is usually wet and sometimes dirty before you start. After the shower, you have to balance on one foot while maneuvering the other foot into your shoe without touching the floor, then do it all over for the other foot.

What can You do?

Well, take one or two of those over-the-door hooks and hang them on the stall door or wall for extra hanging space. You can also take one or two interlocking plastic or rubber squares or grates to put on the floor for your feet. When you are finished, rinse them off in the shower and carry them back to the boat. Soap-on-a-rope is easier to hang where there is no soap dish and I find it easier to wear slip-on shoes when going to the showers so that it’s easier to take them off and put them back on when I’m wet. If there’s a series of multiple stalls, check them all out before you claim one. Check for hooks, cleanliness, a place to sit, water pressure and check that the door locks properly so it doesn’t keep swinging open. In other words, try it before you strip.

We have come across some great washrooms–ones with clean operational showers and hot water, an adjoining changing stall with plenty of hooks, a bench to sit on and the floor in the changing area covered with a wooden or plastic grate so your feet don’t have to touch the wet floor. They also have toilets in the same section of the building so you don’t have to go outside to another door to use the toilet in the cold, in  front of an audience.

Don’t Keep it a Secret

When you find a 5-star washroom on your cruise, enjoy it and remember where to come back to next time. Don’t keep it a secret either. Spread the word so we can all benefit.

Brenda Dawson



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