1 Boat Buying mistake, triggers Divorce!

Millions of people enjoy recreational boating around the world, as one of the best escapes from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Sue and Archie (not their real names) came down with two-footitis and were itching to get into a bigger boat. He fell in love with a 45’ Express Flybridge Cruiser offering lots of headroom down below for Archie who was 6’2.

But, did you know that one simple boat buying decision could trigger a divorce?

Boat Buying

He checked out the boat from stem to stern in the dealer’s showroom before buying the boat. It was perfect.

Come spring, when the boat was launched, they took their maiden voyage with Archie all smiles at the wheel. The boat really FIT—or so he thought.

Sue climbed up on the helm seat beside him only to find that she couldn’t see where they were going. She was only 5’1 and couldn’t see over the cabin from the helm or the companion seat or even standing in the flybridge sole. The cabin superstructure was too high. So, every time she wanted to see where they were going, she had to climb up and stand on the seat.

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This greatly affected their boating, because their plan was for her to be the navigator. Instead, she became frustrated and lost interest in boating which lead to Archie boating alone—but not for long. He met a tall gal, who loved boating and had no problem seeing over the superstructure. You can guess what happened next.

Archie and Sue later divorced costing Archie over $1 Million.

Archie could have saved his marriage and saved over $1 Million if he had included Sue in his boat purchase. He would have found out very quickly that it only FIT him, not her; thus it wouldn’t be a suitable boat for them as a couple.

Don’t make the mistake Archie made, deciding to buy thinking if the boat FITS him, it will FIT all family members. Well, as you all know, we are all different sizes and require different features; so, the time to discuss everything, is before the purchase.

You may be surprised how much time and money you can save, AND avoid frustration or worse—Divorce!

Doug Dawson

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