Boaters Need 1 Secret Tool

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As you already know, these are unprecedented times! All the news and conversations are focused on the serious COVID-19 pandemic.

We are bombarded with suggestions, recommendations and orders of what we as individuals could, should and must do to get through this challenging time.

But do we have the tools to get through it? Everything in our lives has changed and we aren’t prepared for this new reality. How do we cope? What tools can we pull out of our tool box? Boaters are lucky, we have a secret tool. We just have to use it.

Boaters Look in your toolbox

Boaters discovered long ago, that they needed to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and what better way to do that, than to go boating? They could leave stress and tension behind and replace it with relaxation, calm, family-time filled with love, laughter and fun.

Going to the boat was like turning a switch from one mindset to another.

What if we apply this same “mindset-change ability” to our present situation and leave behind all the stress, tension, and fear we are now experiencing—even if just for a while. Repeating this over and over will create many moments allowing us to enter that relaxed, calm, fun state to give us a mental break.

Pretend your home is your boat. Turn off the TV, social media and all the other daily distractions and never-ending barrage of negative news. Bring out your memories and start re-creating and experiencing the positive feelings you’ve enjoyed in the past on your boat.

We all have pictures on our smart phones, computers, in albums and in our minds that captured all those memorable, fun-filled moments that we enjoyed so much. Now that we, and probably you and your family, are self-isolated or self-quarantined, what a great opportunity to share all the wonderful boating memories you all have and love to talk about.

All boating family members can participate in this positive activity, because they all have their own great boating experiences to share. The more you repeat this sharing, the more fun and laughter, and feelings of calm, relaxation and positive excitement will replace your current feelings.

Pull out your secret tool and change your mindset, by sharing your boating stories as a family activity, in person if you are in your home or by video chat with family and friends in other locations, to help you mentally escape to your boat for a holiday from this new (temporary) reality.

When this is all over, you and your family will be able to go back to boating to create new memories.

Brenda Dawson

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6 thoughts on “Boaters Need 1 Secret Tool”

  1. Thank you for this reminder and showing us how valuable this tool could be in today’s trying times.

  2. Donna Whitehead

    This is a good idea as long as we are self sufficient (food, fuel, etc.) We live on the west coast of beautiful BC and the Islands Trust have prohibited boaters from visiting the 450 Gulf Islands during this pandemic. The reasons are the these islands have limited supplies, resources and medical facilities and workers.

  3. Thanks you Doug and Brenda ! It’s times like this that we need to share memories, not only of Boating, but the myriad of experiences we have stored up over the years. Better than most ‘Newscasts’.

  4. Thank you Doug and Brenda ! It’s at times like this that we need to share memories, not only of Boating, but the myriad of experiences we have stored up over the years. Better than most ‘Newscasts’.

  5. Great ideas! Thank you for reminding us that we DO have choices in how we respond to a scary and sorrow-filled situation..

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