Missing Our Boat

Doug was devastated when the Yacht Club email arrived with the horrible news that spring launch was going to be delayed. Because the province declared marinas a non-essential service, there was no telling when, or if we would be able to launch this year.

This is about as bad as taking a favourite toy away from a toddler!

We’ve been preparing and planning for launch day all winter. Now, what do we do?

All winter, we (Doug in particular) have been missing our Norwegian built Windy cruiser, as I’m sure most boaters around the world are missing theirs. Boaters long to be on the water. In our area, the first ones out are the fishermen, so they must REALLY be hurting. There is no one on the water.

In a previous newsletter, we talked about boaters having a secret recovery tool in our tool boxes—the ability to change our mindset, when we go to the boat to leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind, and enter the world of relaxation and stress-free life on the boat in the water—even if it is sitting at the dock.

The lure of camaraderie, the rocking of the boat in the harbor as other boaters pass by, the laughter, the stories, the cleaning, the tweaking of everything under the hatch, and celebrating with fellow boaters, who are also preparing for another season of boating, is ever present in our minds.

But, as we all know, this year is different. How do we cope with this? In our case, Doug found another tool in our toolbox.

Doug went straight to our old boat brochure library in search of a brochure for our boat Windy. Sure enough, he arrived back with a beautiful Windy Brochure with factory pictures, specs and information. He immediately put it on display as a constant reminder, that “soon” we’d be able to enjoy boating again.

I am sure he was convinced that the more he stared at it, the sooner it would happen. I hope he is right! It was amazing to watch his tears dry up and a smile take over his sad face.

This must be why there has been an increase in original brochure requests over the past several weeks.

We have a library of around 14,000 Old Boat Brochures—dating from 2020 back to the 1950’s. Scannings are available at www.OldBoatBrochures.com on line. Why not make use of it to take away the pain of “no boating”, we thought?

This winter, Doug has been sorting, filing and cataloging many hundreds of brochures to add to our collection, from a friend who is retiring from the yacht brokerage business. He had already accumulated boxes of brochures from three other brokers, who had retired over the past year.

Are other boaters as broken-hearted as Doug? What are you doing to get you through to an unknown end?

Are you missing the boat?

Maybe Doug’s solution will help you too. Go to OldBoatBrochures.com, then scroll down to find a brochure for your boat. Order it today. Normally, we only send scanned pages in pdf format.

Now that we have many duplicates, you can get a crisp, clean original printed brochure with professional photos, specs, copy and more. Display in your home as a remedy, for your boating blues that you are experiencing while in isolation during this COVID-19 pandemic. Then, add it to your boat file later. (Note, it also makes a great gift—Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are coming up)

To order an original printed brochure, Just email doug@boatingwithdawsons.com (include all the details). We’ll check to see if we have a duplicate, then get back to you with a quote.

If you have discovered another remedy for your “missing my boat” syndrome, please leave your comments below to share with other boaters.

Dry up your tears and put on your happy boating face.

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2 thoughts on “Missing Our Boat”

  1. Hi Doug and Brenda.
    Thanks for all you do for boating.
    I just heard from my Marina that launch will be delayed this year and that we will be launched on May 23rd. Hope this is correct as I have been waiting all winter.
    Stay safe.

  2. It has certainly changed our prospective. We sold our Carver in the fall and spent the winter looking forward to shopping this spring. Thoroughly enjoyed our first year at the Toronto Boat show. Loved ladies day! Great meeting both if you there. Unfortunately, all the boats we want to look at are in Kenora which is 52km away from the Manitoba/Ontario border and with the travel restrictions wont be abke to shop till end of May. Hopefully we will have some thing bt end of June!!

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