Boating Tip – Chain vs Brush

soda-bottle-chain2This boating tip is great on the boat where space in drawers and cupboards is limited. It also works well at home, at the cottage, anywhere.

Some of the items used on a boat can simply be replaced with something better and smaller. If you can do the job the same or better, why not?

When I was told this simple little trick, I just had to share it.


Replace your bottle brush. It takes up too much space on a boat and can be replaced by a simple piece of brass linked chain available at hardware stores. Be sure to get brass because it has sharper edges.

Just get them to cut about 8 inches or so from the roll. Store it in the corner of your drawer, until you need to clean your small jars, coffee thermos, or even wine bottles if you recycle and make your own wine. I don’t use a bottle brush anymore because this works so well.

I recycle jars and bottles either plastic or glass, especially the small ones, to store small quantities of food like spices, ketchup, cereal, etc. in the cupboard or frig.

To clean your bottle, jar or thermos, half fill with soapy water and drop in the chain. Then, just shake. It is as simple as that. The sharp edges of the chain slides around inside the jar to clean everything off. It takes up less space than a bottle brush and works great! Give it a shake.

Brenda Dawson

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