Motors Need Water—Not Air

oh-no-2We all know what happens when we forget to put in the drain plug.

What you may not know is that there is something just as bad and I witnessed it twice just this past weekend.

It is a boating error that could have grave consequences as bad as forgetting to re-install the transom drain plug.

The first boater I watched from the other side of the harbour, had his big outboard tilted up. He started the motor, then lowered it with the trim/tilt button.

The second boater had apparently been told to always tilt up his outdrive before leaving his boat for the week. So, I watched him tilt up his drive while the motor was still running.

In both cases, they are going to prematurely burn out their water pump impellers by running them dry. Motors need water—not air.

NEVER, NEVER start any boat engine unless the motor or drive is fully lowered so that the water pick-up intake is totally underwater.

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