Don’t Do What Doesn’t Work

confused-question4If your driving instructor told you that you may not be able to stop your car at the light every time, or that you couldn’t predict the turning circle when you turn at a intersection, or that the same instructions are suitable for a small sports car and a transport truck, would you take lessons from him? Imagine the chaos!

If your docking instructor told you that you can’t always dock your boat the way you want to or that the same instructions are suitable for a bowrider and a motor yacht, or all twin I/O’s and T I/B’s handle the same way, or that nobody has it figured out yet, or to secure the bow line first when docking or can’t dock your boat with ease, would you take lessons from him? Imagine the chaos!

The fact is…

Cars do stop when you apply the brakes. They do turn in a predictable path and you are expected to be able to handle your car in a predictable way; otherwise chaos would result.

Boats Can be Handled with Predictable Results

Boats can and should be handled with predictable results the same as cars, planes, construction equipment, etc. etc. You should be able to handle and dock your boat knowing how it responds to the wheel, shift(s) and throttle(s).

Many boat docking lessons and instructors teach old methods that don’t apply to today’s boats and think that one instruction fits all boats. See Why Docking a Power Boat is so Difficult.

Our Docking Lessons are different.

They are written for today’s boats and THEY WORK. They teach you how to make your boat respond the way you want it to, with predictable results—different instructions compiled for each drive system. Be wary of instructors who lump all twins into the same lesson. Handling, maneuvering and docking twin I/B’s is VERY different than handling and docking Twin I/O’s.

Once you learn how, docking is easy.

How do we know our lessons work? We get hundreds of unsolicited totally different emails from boaters who have learned and practiced how to confidently dock their boats with our e-Lessons.

They are amazed at how well our techniques work and how much more fun boating is when they don’t fear coming back to the dock.


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