Technology and design changes have improved everything in life from driving a car to sending a letter to docking a boat.

WhyThe instructions for everything have been updated—except Power Boat Docking Instructions. The big question is WHY?

Boating forums are filled with docking fears and horror stories with other boaters offering solutions that, quite frankly, are the wrong advice in most cases–the blind leading the blind. WHY?

docking-badly-2So many boaters have contacted us with their docking difficulties, that it became quite obvious something is terribly wrong. Docking a Boat (power or sail) shouldn’t be difficult at all. But it is, for so many power boaters. WHY?

They turn the wheel the wrong way, put it in forward when it should be in reverse, approach from the wrong direction for the wind, approach too slowly, don’t know when to shift into reverse to stop forward motion and on and on and on it goes. WHY?

We did some research and discovered….

No wonder power boaters are having trouble docking!

The original docking instructions were written back in the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s for sailboats and the old style inboard power boats with skegs and rudders. These instructions still apply to sailboats, because they haven’t changed, but not to power boats.

Today, there are 15 significant differences between power boats and sailboats; therefore, different docking instructions are required for power boats. But, power boat docking instructions haven’t been updated to incorporate all these changes and the effect they have on docking–UNTIL NOW!

I am sure you will find these 15 differences, reason enough to justify our conclusions that updated instructions were necessary. We now have introductory and advanced Power Boat Docking e-Lessons for each drive system with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for easy docking and tying.

See: It’s Not Your Fault”

It explains the 15 differences of power boats today and, therefore, the need for updated instructions—

NOT regurgitated out-of-date information written before today’s boat styles, drive systems and characteristics were invented.

You will be amazed and astonished and understand WHY power boats are difficult to dock.

The only mistake I made in buying books about boating was not to get yours first. It would have saved me about $75.00 in other books that aren’t half as informative as yours. Your book has helped me in understanding the correct way to bring a boat into a slip.

Arnold Mackey

When you get the right updated instructions,
docking is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Get the right instruction
  2. Learn from the right instruction
  3. Practice the right instruction

Then, you too will be able to dock like a pro.

Doug Dawson’s
Power Boat Docking e-Lessons are:

  • current
  • proven
  • easy-to-understand
  • step-by-step instructions (introductory and advanced) for each drive system
  • with diagrams and pictures
  • familiarization open-water exercises
  • compiled from scratch
  • incorporating generations of knowledge and first-hand experience
  • AND accommodating the 15 differences.

With Doug Dawson’s up-to-date Power Boat Docking e-Lessons, power boaters around the world are able to dock their boats without fear and frustration—just enjoyment.

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