Don’t Merge Lessons

who is right

Docking a boat can be really difficult—especially when using the wrong instructions.

There are many “experts”, who insist their way is the “right way”.

How can they all be right? They can’t. But, how do you figure out, who has the right instructions for you and your boat?

Many boaters feel the best way is to pick up some techniques from one, some tips from another and still other instructions for someone else.

That way, they feel they will be getting the best from everyone and be better off for it. But, is writing your own book of instructions best?

lo fat dietAs good as this argument may sound, it simply doesn’t work. It would be like going on a “low-fat” diet and adding “some fat”, because your friend can have “fat” on his Paleo diet. Each diet works to some degree on its own, but doesn’t work if you merge them. You only get frustrated, because “your diet” didn’t work—again.

paleo dietWe had two more boaters call this week to say, that their hired captain had taught them different techniques than those in our lessons and videos that they had just read and watched. Why? Now what?

There are good reasons for not combining two different docking methods; mainly because different drive systems handle and dock differently.

For example, if you try to use the Twin Inboard technique on a Twin Outboard or aTwin Sterndrive, you get a totally different response than on a Twin Inboard.

Someone can be quite an expert at handling his Twin Inboard, but you shouldn’t assume that he will be able to teach you how to handle and dock your Twin Outboard or your Twin Sterndrive. Very few people are expert at handling both drive systems.

merged dietMany professional Captains are very proficient at docking large Twin Inboard diesel powered yachts with the assistance of their professional crew. Some of them offer docking instructions on the side; however docking a Twin Sterndrive cruiser or Twin Outboard fish boat is totally different than a Twin Inboard Yacht. Their methods/procedures don’t apply to your boat or your drive system.

The Twin Inboard method will “sort of” work on a Twin Outboard or a Twin Sterndrive, provided there is no wind, but not as well as the techniques Doug Dawson has designed specifically for a Twin Outboard or a Twin Sterndrive boat.

For boaters who are having challenges handling or docking their boats, we recommend Doug Dawson’s Docking e-lessons compiled specifically for your drive system. Stick with the techniques outlined in Dawson’s lessons and don’t try to incorporate someone else’s suggestions. Remember the diet story.

Give Doug’s lessons a fair shot over a period of weeks and you’ll be glad you did, like 1000’s of boaters around the world since 2008. You will get better and better at docking using Dawson’s proven techniques.

Stick with a proven method for your drive system.

Don’t merge two different instructions

You will learn to dock your boat without the need for …….

  • yelling
  • swearing
  • jumping
  • boat hooks
  • bionics
  • dock helpers
  • guesswork.

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