Teach Your Boat Buyer to Dock?

boat soldThousands of boaters invest in docking lessons to learn how to dock their new or used boat, that they have just purchased. This makes perfect sense.

But, the other day, Thomas called to order a docking e-lesson and video, because he was selling his Pontoon Boat.

At first, I was confused; then he explained and it made a lot of sense. Why not?

He explained that he has been handling and docking his Pontoon for years without any problems. Now, his buyer wanted Thomas to teach him how to handle and dock it. “I’m not good at teaching someone else” Thomas told me “so I want to buy a lesson and video to include in the boat deal, because I don’t want to teach him”.

And, there are other good reasons to include a docking e-lesson and video with your boat sale:

  • The boat is being shipped a long distance away, so teaching is inconvenient or impossible.
  • An estate or divorce sale, where the owner/captain is not around to teach.
  • You don’t have time or desire.
  • You are too excited with your new boat, to spend effort on your previous boat, once it has been sold.

Your buyer will be happier with his purchase from you, because he will be able to dock it without worry and stress.

Whether you are a boat owner, dealer or broker; teaching takes a lot of time, effort and expertise. What could be easier and more professional, than downloading one of our docking e-lessons and videos (the right ones for the boat) and giving them to the buyer?  Save yourself the hassle of teaching.

wave goodbyeIt will be sad for you to see her go, but you’ll be smiling on the inside, knowing your buyer will enjoy her as much as you did. That’s a win-win for you and your buyer!

P.S. For boat buyers who don’t get a lesson with their new or used boat, (especially if it’s a different drive system) investing in a docking e-lesson will shorten your learning curve and eliminate the frustrations that come with “re-inventing the wheel”.

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