Hey! New Boaters

New boaters
New boaters

Today, people around the world are looking for ways to enjoy time outside and still satisfy the restrictions for “social distancing”.

Reports are coming in from outdoor recreation businesses that not only are those already involved in the outdoor recreation ramping up and participating more; but also large numbers of new people are choosing to get into outdoor sports.  We have read many reports in the marine trade magazines, that an increasing number of new boat sales are to new boaters, who feel that boating is a great way to get outside on the water to enjoy life with plenty of distance around them.

Seasoned boaters have known this all along and have gone through training and education to participate in boating. However, some new boaters don’t realize there is more to boating, than just buying the boat; so there is a need for some education and training.

There are a few organizations and individuals offering the information new boaters need to get ready to enjoy the boating lifestyle, without having to struggle on their own to figure it all out.

Here are a couple of the most important things new boaters need to know and seasoned boaters can benefit from as a refresher to pass on to family and friends.

Learn the Lingo

Like every industry, there is a dedicated language, whether it is medicine, sports, law, science, automotive, computers, just about everything—including boating. Learning to use the proper terminology in boating, makes communicating much easier when underway, when docking or describing a problem to a technician, and most importantly to emergency personnel, if and when that is necessary.

Using common terms like galley, head, companionway and bilge; instead of kitchen, bathroom, stairs or basement, used incorrectly aren’t too serious; but when asked to steer to starboard and you steer to port, the consequences could be disastrous.

A great way to get involved, meet other boaters and learn at the same time is to take a course from the Power and Sail Squadron in your area.

Skills New Boaters Need

Docking Skills needed

One of the most important skills a new boater needs to develop, is handling and docking skills.  In order to use your boat, you have to know how to leave your dock, handle your boat while on the water, and how to dock you boat when you return to your slip. This may sound simple, but there is much to learn, if you want to remove the stress involved that too many new boaters experience. Stress puts a damper on your newly chosen recreation.

Like everything else, there are good and bad lessons, good and bad instructors, and good and back instructions from so called “experts”. Why waste time? Go to the pros first. Get the best instructor, with the best lessons for the best results.

The Dawsons have done the research, have the experience and have written books with proven techniques to help you dock your boat without the need for Yelling, Swearing, Jumping, Boat Hooks, Bionics, Dock Helpers or Guesswork.

Downloadable docking lessons (touchless and contactless) that cover everything, that you need to know to dock your boat.

Introductory Docking Lesson for each drive system:

  • Approximately 120 pages for each drive system
  • On-the-water lessons on how your drive system works
  • Approaching your dock from both the right or left
  • Docking with wind from North, South, East or West
  • Tying on both your port side and your starboard side
  • Tying just one dock line without jumping or with a safe step-off and tie, then secure
  • No paying hundreds of dollars in hourly fees—just $39
  • Read as often as you want with no one looking over your shoulder
  • Pictures and diagrams with step-by-step instructions

Introductory Docking Video shows:

  • In real time, how to dock using the techniques in the Introductory Lesson
  • Only $22
  • View often with your whole family

Advanced Docking Lesson

  • Once a boater has perfected the Introductory Techniques and Lessons, the Advanced Lesson includes:
  • Approximately 250 pages per drive system
  • Docking stern first and many other advanced maneuvers
  • No paying hundreds of dollars in hourly fees—just $69
  • Read as often as you want with no one looking over your shoulder


Dawsons Docking Lessons are a perfect investment for all boaters—NEW and SEASONED.

  • You and your family learn to dock as a team without stress
  • You have an invisible docking instructor on board with you
  • No one sees you being instructed
  • Dock without scratching and scraping your boat, causing damage
  • Reduce your repair bills
  • More boating enjoyment by the whole family
  • Put more fun in your boating
  • Become a Confident Captain

Experienced Boaters

For all the experienced boaters out there, who have already learned and benefited from Dawson’s Docking lessons, please pass on this newsletter to those new boaters in your marina to help them shorten their learning curve.

Want to be a First Rate First Mate?

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