Houseboat Docking Lesson is Ready

houseboat-sterndrive-smAs promised, we have been working on Houseboat Docking Lessons as follows:

  1. Docking Your Houseboat–Single Outboard and Sterndrive
  2. Docking Your Houseboat–Twin Outboards and Sterndrives
  3. Docking Your Houseboat–Twin Inboards

Just in Time for Christmas

20-Dock-Houseboat-S-OB-IOThe first is ready and on our website—just in time for Christmas. Great present to put under your Christmas Tree. Just download, print, put in a binder and wrap.

The second Houseboat Lesson is underway and will be posted soon. Send us an email if you’d like to be added to the list to be notified when it is ready.

Houseboats have different design characteristics than other boats which create many Houseboat docking challenges; therefore, different docking techniques are required.

The “Docking Your Single Outboard or Sterndrive Houseboat” Lesson takes these differences into consideration discussing the challenges they create and the different techniques required to overcome these challenges.

29-alcan-houseboatIt is written specifically for Houseboats with a Single Outboard or Single Sterndrive by Doug Dawson, boat docking expert.

He developed and mastered his Houseboat Docking Techniques in the 1960’s at the family marina where he sold, demonstrated and enjoyed houseboats. He had to develop his own techniques because there was nothing available—and still isn’t.

Doug is still teaching his proven methods today!

Doug Dawson’s Docking Lessons are an investment in improving your docking and handling skills–not books you’ll read one afternoon and put back on the shelf.

They are detailed, step-by-step, easy-to-follow, “how-to” instructions for each docking situation with diagrams and pictures.

Doug Dawson = The Authority on Power Boat Docking

There’s nothing else out there that works nearly as well! Check out all the Docking Lessons.

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