How to Screw-Up a Perfect Boat Docking

Boat Docking gone bad
What happened?

Percy and his First Mate Paula approached their slip in their boat, with precision for a perfectly positioned landing alongside their dock—the precise speed, turns, shifting and stop, etc.

What could lead to problems?

Percy, seeing he was positioned for a perfect boat docking, he turned off his motors and walked aft, anticipating multiple compliments from his wife. As he was preparing to take a congratulatory bow, his side deck crunched into his slip neighbor’s sheer line.

What went wrong? He was flummoxed.

Percy had prematurely shut down his motors, and left the helm. His First Mate, still lounging on the stern seat, hadn’t tied any dock lines.

Sneakily and gently, Mother Nature had seized that short opportunity to push their boat away from his perfect boat docking position into the side of their slip neighbor.

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Boat 1 and Boat 2 – Approaching against the wind docking perfectlyBoat 3 – Wind takes over then crunches boat into slip neighbor’s boat

Perfect Boat Docking – NO

Only with the motors running do you still have control. Plus, the bonus is that during the boat docking process, the Captain can greatly assist the First Mate, when implementing Dawson’s FLIPP Line procedure.

You can gently touch the shifts in and out of gear to nudge the boat closer to the dock, when the First Mate is straining on a line, hopelessly struggling to reposition a multi-ton boat against the wind and/or current. Also, effortlessly, you can hold the boat in position for her.

Docking Lessons

Get the boat docking lesson for your drive system and discover how to combine the mighty power of your motor with the tensile strength of your special FLIPP Line. Guaranteed, it will ease docking stress for both you and especially for your First Mate.

Doug’s Boat Docking Lessons are worth taking a look for yourself. Forward this blog to your boating buddies.

You’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it, so will your boating buddies. Just this week, we heard back from a Motor Yacht Captain of 20 years, who complimented us on our “genius” FLIPP Line Procedure.

This one boat docking tip could make all the difference.

It will eliminate the need for yelling, swearing, jumping, boat hooks, bionics, dock helpers, guesswork and embarrassment. It could even save your marriage! AND, it’s way less expensive!

captain confidence
Put Some CONFIDENCE in your Docking!

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