Stay Aboard When Docking

How to Dock Your Boat

Sammy arrived back at the marina preparing for his stay-aboard docking procedure, after he had treated his work buddies to a day of fun and fishing on his sport fisher boat.

Not in his regular slip though, but alongside the visitor’s pier to be closer for unloading to their trucks.

Sammy pulled the boat fairly close to the high pier.

But, before he and his First Mate had started with their pre-planned docking procedure, they got unexpected help.

Bob Decided to be a Docking Helper

Docking gone wrong

Big Bob, decided it was his moment to play hero. He grabbed a dock line and immediately jumped from the side deck towards the pier. But, he miscalculated the distance, height and his consumption limitations—SPLASH! Big Bob was adrift.

Fortunately for Bob, he missed the ratty face of the old wharf and, uninjured, just hit the water.

Sammy, as Captain, could have prevented this near disastrous incident, if he had given his guests clear instructions ahead of time to stay seated while docking. AND, wait until returning to the dock before enjoying that “cold one”.

It is good practice and common sense to have everyone stay seated and keep their feet on the boat, until your First Mate has it tied securely. Moving guests, who aren’t trained in your procedure, just get in the way of your First Mate and you, during your pre-planned and practiced procedure.

Smooth Docking

For all Captains and First Mates, who do NOT have a pre-planned and practiced docking procedure, that works smoothy every time without the need for yelling, swearing, jumping, boat hooks, bionics, dock helpers, guesswork or embarrassment;

Shift to

Simplify your docking, keep your guests safe and avoid embarrassment. One new tip learned could make all the difference.

Help other boaters whose docking skills need some tweaking. Just forward this blog to your Boating Buddies, who could benefit from a few tips to keep guests safe and aboard.

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