Stacked In the Galley

ingenio-stacking-cookwareGalley storage is small to non-existent on most cruisers, mini-cruisers, daycruisers and sailboats. F

inding a place for your dishes, glasses, cutlery and cookware is a challenge let alone finding somewhere to put food, drinks and clean up supplies.

Boaters have to put on their creative or magician hats to be able to stow everything.

There are many good tips for this in First Mate 101 but here is one idea you can consider for your boating this summer, that will certainly make a difference in your galley.

Stacking stainless steel pots and pans with non-stick finish and removable handles takes up very little space yet gives you a complete set of pots and pans allowing you to choose the right size for your needs or to use two or three for a meal.

All the pots stack inside of each other so the whole set only takes up the space of the largest pot. Clip on handles significantly reduce the size of the space required and the non-stick surface makes cleanup fast and easy.

You’ll feel like a real magician when you pull a complete set of pots and pans out of one small container. Using more than one pot will be an easy decision when you know how easy cleanup will be.

Simplify life in your galley.

I have been using my Ingenio set for a few years now and love them. There are many companies selling nesting or stackable pots and pans. Search the internet for a supplier near you and simplify life in your galley.

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