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Making-Rope-IntoLines-15sWhen does a rope become a line?


Many boaters think that the words are interchangeable--

that a rope is a line and a line is a rope.

This is not true.



In this e-Lesson, you will learn:

  • The Difference Between Ropes and Lines
  • How to Create Your Own Set of Lines - Dock, Fender and Anchor
  • Why you Should Have a Second Set of Dock Lines
  • The Length and Diameter Your Lines Should Be
  • What Rope is Made Of
  • How Rope is Made
  • How to Finish Your Ends with Eye Splices, Back Splices and Whipping
  • How to Care For Your Lines
  • When You Should Replace Them and What to Replace Them With
  • How to Store your Lines
  • Much More


Learn what you need to know about rope and line...


To Create Your Own Set of Lines

To Give Your Boat a New Look

To Make Your Boat Safer and Ship Shape


Let Doug Show You the EASY Way...

Doug Dawson, a 5th generation boat industry expert, has tied thousands of boats since he was a small child growing up in a family marina and knows how to teach others with easy-to-follow instructions. Download your pdf now.


How Much Does it Cost?

This e-Lesson could save you thousands of dollars damage to your boat caused by using worn out lines or the wrong lines. This e-Lesson is only $11.95. Download, print and read--no waiting--no shipping.

A minor investment to protect your major investment.

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